Fonts in the Text

Hi guys, does anyone else have problems when setting the text fonts, I test them in Diver shape by themselves and then they work. But when it’s in the middle of another configuration they don’t work.

Please create a minimal Grasshopper file and a protocol to reproduce the error you are experiencing.

In rino the configuration works fine, in font test in Shape diver it also works, but when I upload the configuration to the shape diver it doesn’t work…

text (14.4 KB)

There seems to be an issue related to document tolerances. Please try to add the “Tolerance Settings” component from the ShapeDiver plugin to your definition and if needed update the default values in there to match the documents you are working with (note that you can only initialize values in the component and not connect the inputs).

the Tolerance Settings did not make a difference, it keeps giving error when going up to the shape diver, the upload is only working when I disconnect the “Font type”. Am I doing something wrong to set the fonts?

Please try to update to the latest version of the ShapeDiver plugin by using the Package Manager:

  • Delete all files from previous plugin versions
  • Run “PackageManage” in Rhino 7 or “TestPackageManager” in Rhino 6 and look for the ShapeDiver plugin
  • Restart Rhino and replace the components with components from the latest version

If the problem persists, also please let me know your user name and whether you are using the default ShapeDiver system (Rhino 6) or if you requested to upgrade to Rhino 7 with a paid account.

The username is stlflix, and I’m using rhino 7

Your account was linked to Rhino 6, I just switched it to our system running Rhino 7. Can you check if it helps?

So I still have the same problem in differents files, if I put some font in the text the error happens
when uploading the file. If I remove the source it works


Without the font