Issue uploading my first file to shape diver. (ref c10ca45d-06f6-4272-8b62-f42904ae7325)

I am having difficulty uploading my first model to the shape diver platform. i keep getting the same error message.

Oops! The server encountered an issue with your model:

Computation of your model failed. Please ask for help on the forum, including the reference shown below in your message.(ref c10ca45d-06f6-4272-8b62-f42904ae7325).

What can I do to solve this issue. If you need the file to address the problem, let me know and I will post it.

It seems that your model contains a font that is not installed on our servers. The font might be used in text panels, scribbles or any component or script that uses a font to create geometry.

You can use this model to search which fonts are installed on the ShapeDiver servers:

If the font you are trying to use has a free license, we can install it on the shared servers. For any other type of license, an Enterprise system will be required.

Please note that, regardless of the font issue, your model takes around 60 seconds to compute and therefore will be denied by our shared system (5 seconds for free users, 10 seconds for PRO users). Most of the time is spent in boolean operations which can likely be optimized or at least temporarily disabled if you are just testing the system.