Using a modified google font

I guess there is no easy way to use a modified google font, right? If not, I think I will try to store the curves of the glyphs in the definition and use them from there. Any better ideas?

We have installed as many common fonts as we could on the shared servers, when the licence allows it. You can browse the installed fonts using this model:

You can always send us suggestions for adding fonts to the system, but we typically only add common ones with an open licence. If you want to install custom plugins and fonts of your own, you will need an enteprise system with dedicated servers.

Therefore, to answer your question, internalizing the font curves in the definition is a good approach. Other users have used this method without issues.

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Thanks @mathieu1. That makes sense, especially as I’ll be modifying the font continuously.
I will go ahead implementing the font curves directly. Have a good day!