Issue with keyboard shortcut instead of clicking into status bar

I set F4 to toggle the Gumball on and off like this:

noecho -_Gumball _Toggle

During a recent project I realized it would be amazing if this command or macro did not occur in the command history. Noecho keeps it from appearing in the command line, but what would be really useful was a way to execute this keyboard shortcut while another command is at use.

For example you’re drawing a bunch of lines and after two lines you decide to move one of them or just an endpoint with the gumball. F4 to switch on gumball, drag… The next right click will switch off the gumball. This is not efficient. The right click should recall the line command.

I’d want the keyboard shortcut to work the exact same way as if I would click the gumball button in the status bar. Is that possible?

Worth mentioning here is also that in Rhino 5 I had this noecho -_Gumball _Toggle command on button 4 of my Space Mouse. It worked as expected. With the new implementation of 3D connexion in Rhino 6, everything has to be set from within the 3D Connexion preferences. I have not yet figured out how to set a Rhino command macro as I had in Rhino 5. Maybe someone can explain.

I have huge respect for everyone involved in programming at McNeel / Rhino. But this week has been a bit too much of wondering why and testing of commands on my side.

I hope someone can help me and everyone else with the same problems.


Just put an apostrophe in front to make the command transparent and see if that helps.

'noecho -_Gumball _Toggle

Hope this helps,


Edit: No, I don’t think this helps. Sorry.

Tried this just now it doesn’t work.

Yeah, I found that too after I posted (hence the edit).

Right - Gumball is not a nestable command, but, @martinsiegrist, I’m not sure why it would help since the gumball does not appear inside other commands… ?

What you can do is

! _NoEcho _Gumball _Toggle

to cancel the current command first and then put the Gumball command in the ‘Do not repeat’ section of Options > General


But putting a command in Do not repeat doesn’t keep it from showing up in the MRU commands list

Hi Lowell - should it, do you think? I don’t, myself… ‘Do not repeat’ really is to spare the right-click/Enter/space-bar pain, as I understand.


I agree with you. I just thought the question was about the mru list.

Ah, OK - maybe - I was responding to this part-


I think you’re right

I’ll try. Just wondering why did this work in the past and now it doesn’t anymore?

@lowell and @pascal, is there a solution to this issue?

@Markus I used to have the following command on button 4 on my Space Mouse Pro.

_NoEcho _Gumball _Toggle

Using the new driver, how can I make a button perform this command? The Drop Down is a bit of a pain I think.

To be honest I think the cleanest solution would be that a user has a text field to enter a command manually or copy paste a command out of the Rhino Command bar.

@martinsiegrist - As @pascal said, you can put _Gumball in the “Never repeat these commands” section in Options->General to keep it from repeating when you press enter. Is that what you’re asking about?

Ok, tried once more and put this:

_NoEcho _Gumball

into Options, General, Never repeat these commands.

Closed and opened Options again and the two commands are on two line. And it works as expected. Exactly like clicking the Gumball button in the status bar but now on F4 or on button 4 on my Space Mouse.

To get this to work on the Space Mouse, I had to define a macro in the 3D Connexion settings to execute F4.

@Markus this is a workaround to the problem not being able to type a command or a few commands in the 3D Connexion settings.

Using the new driver, how can I make a button perform this command? The Drop Down is a bit of a pain I think.

The list in the fly-out can be long - it ought to contain just about all the commands available on the toolbars - so I would suggest following strategy:

To assign, say, the gumball toggle command to a button;

  • open the fly-out next to the designated button
  • type “gumball” into the search field
  • pick the Gumball command you want from the results

Let me know If this doesn’t work for you.

OK, did not realize first that the Gumball command in the 3D Connexion settings toggles the gumball.

As I mentioned above, I think something like a Gumball Toggle or Points On / Points Off should never appear in the Command Line. Your Gumball Toggle appears in the Command Line. At least with the suggestion to put the Gumball Toggle into Never repeat these Commands, I can for example draw lines and move some of them, toggle the Gumball to see things better and so on…

I wonder how you created the fly-out list with all the Rhino commands?

Also, as mentioned in the previous post, I often want a button on the Space Mouse to execute a macro. The driver has a tab for macros but those are more like a sequence of keyboard interactions, right?

The old 3D Connexion driver had a text field in the Rhino Tab where you could enter a command / macro? Something like _NoEcho _Gumball _Toggle

Maybe you could add such an option?

Yeah - that takes commands, not macros - just put the one command on there, Gumball, the NoEcho is not one that really comes into play for ‘Do not repeat’


The contents of the fly-out list (command, the icon, text) comes from the RhinoUI.