Keyboard Shortcut for 'Project' Toggle


New to Rhino, and have found I have been using the ‘project’ toggle often when trying to move and edit polysurfaces. Often though, I need to first click a point without ‘project’ on, and was wondering if there is a way to create a keyboard shortcut to make this faster?

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_noecho '_ProjectOsnap _Toggle

You can assign that to an alias, or a key under Rhino Options -> Keyboard or Aliases



Thanks you for this. The toggling works super.
Is the “_noecho” part supposed to not make rhino execute the same command again when you press space? That is not the case for me. When I hit space it toggles it to - say- enabled, I then draw a curve, when that is done I hit space again and it just disables it. Is there any way to go around this?

Thank you!

“NoEcho” simply suppresses the report to the command line, it does not change anything else. The spacebar repeats the last command, but if you first run the macro, then use the command Curve, for example, hitting the spacebar should repeat the Curve command not the macro… I wouldn’t use spacebar as a command alias in any case.


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Hi! Is it also possible, to toggle for example the ‘center’ osnap with a shortcut?
I tryed _noecho '_CenterOsnap _Toggle, but no success.

Hello - the individual snaps do not have toggles but you can always type in for example ‘cen’ and Enter to turn on the one-shot Center osnap for one pick.


Ok thank you. But typing in or clicking the symbol is equal effort. Keyboard shortcut would be great for the workflow :wink:

Well, you can of course assign Cen to a keyboard shortcut.

how? PAscal wrote, individual snaps do not have toggles?
_noecho '_CenterOsnap _Toggle -> no
_noecho '_CenOsnap _Toggle -> no
_noecho '_Cen _Toggle -> no
_noecho '_Cen -> no

Your available single key “shortcuts” are found under Options>Keyboard (mainly “F” keys) - you could choose one and in the right panel simply put '_Cen

See Mitch’s answer for the how?.
As for the toggle - our suggestion doesn’t toggle a snap. It activates a specific snap for one single pick.

For toggling the persistent Center Osnap (in the Osnap panel) you can use the macro

'_Osnap _Center _Enter

HTH, --Mitch

Thanks a lot guys, I got it now!
Both works, and single activation was new for me.

here is a nice little shortcut that will draw a bounding box of an object in a selected space:

_-NamedCPlane _Save TEMP Enter
_CPlane _3Point _pause _pause _pause
_BoundingBox _pause _C=CPlane enter
_-NamedCPlane _restore TEMP Enter
_-NamedCPlane _delete TEMP Enter

This one uses @SamPage suggestion and sets the cplane to project incase you want to maintain orthogonality to world/Cplane Z vector:

_-NamedCPlane _Save TEMP Enter
_ProjectOsnap _disable
_CPlane _Elevation _pause
_ProjectOsnap _enable
_CPlane _3Point _pause _pause _pause
_BoundingBox _pause _C=CPlane enter
_-NamedCPlane _restore TEMP Enter
_-NamedCPlane _delete TEMP Enter