Wish - Gumball hotkey toggle

often if not always do i see myself in situations where the gumball is needed but gets in the way right after some actions. toggling the gumball with a shortcut feels still a bit heavy in the workflow.

now if i could grab a few points or an object which i want to move/scale and have the gumball appear with an additional key like alt which i initiate before or during the action and can simply let go again to hide it would be less distractive.

any opinion?

There’s a lot of shortcut with gumball,add one more will be difficult for me… But why not…

yes it has a few, but hotkeys can also be situation dependent.

for example alt on its own does nothing, only during a command it toggles the snaps preliminarily. so if something is selected either entire objects or points and having alt pressed could trigger the gumball. that would not interfere with anything but would be a handy amendment.

alt is of course also used to duplicate objects, but here the object is selected and already in movement before i tap alt, so also not interfering.

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Ok for me!

you can create a shortcut to toggle the Gumball:

noecho _Gumball _Toggle

I set this to F4

I want to be able to change the alignement too, so I added these four shortcuts:

noecho -_GumballAlignment _CPlane _Enter

noecho -_GumballAlignment _Object _Enter

noecho -_GumballAlignment _View _Enter

noecho -_GumballAlignment _World _Enter

Align to view only works in Rhino WIP / 7

Under General, Never repeat these commands, I added the following two lines:


Check this thread too:

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