Toggle history?

hi peeps, i am scratching my head to pieces on this one…

i simply would like to toggle the history to be switched on or off with one short cut or one command like with gumball for example. i have tried that a few times thinking it should be simple but always failed.

unlike gumball, history actually implies two different commands which may make it difficult.

so is there any way to toggle it on and off?

Set these as keyboard shortcuts,

Stop History:

! _History _Record=_No _Enter

Record History;

! _History _Record=_Yes _Enter

IHTH «Randy


This should work as a toggle:

_History _Record _Enter



amazing, thanks Mitch!!! i was hoping that you will throw in the solution. it looks so simple but no chance getting there on my own. can you explain why it now works as a toggle?

Make a keyboard shortcut …

Just practical experience. Most of these settings-type commands that have Yes or No answers can be set up to run as either ‘fixed yes’, ‘fixed no’ or ‘toggle’. In general, the toggle works by leaving the =Yes or =No part off of the macro.

Unfortunately, the syntax is not always consistent, depending on when commands were added and by who… For example SmartTrack cannot be toggled on/off by just calling _SmartTrack _Enter, you have to specifically program _SmartTrack _Toggle. There are a few others like this.


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yes i have noticed the inconsistency and thats something i must say should be cleaned up. sure one could explain that it may have to do with how each command works having different pop up window showing individual functions which have to be addressed differently bla bla… idk but i must say, having some pro users like you helping out every time somebody needs a simple toggle can and should not be the goal of a user friendly software… something to think about for sure.

thanks again Mitch, i´m sure happy that you are around here!