Issue with display of structure


I am trying to simulate a simple simulation using a cage structure and a point load down the middle. However, when the resultant mesh is displayed, only certain lengths of the cage is displayed while the rest are missing even though the output still shows the correct number of meshes being produced. (36.0 KB)

Hi, you did not share the rhino file so we are not able to help you with your question


Sorry i thought i had internalised the geometry when I didn’t. my bad…

KARAMBATRIAL.3dm (71.7 KB) (36.0 KB)

Unfortunately the script doesnt recognise the geometry, but if you are trying to apply a point load in the middle of the beam as shown below, you need to make sure that the curve has been split at this point.

Secondly, you do not need to include the Points in the Assemble Model. You are receiving errors as you have duplicate points and Karamba cannot assemble the model properly.

Ah i see now thanks so much!

Also im just a beginner at this so do forgive me for asking some additional basic questions.

i noticed that the corners are all unjoined. will the script still recognise the frame as being welded together in this case?

also is it possible to turn off the display for the purple circles?

thanks so much!

Karamba only displays the geometry of each individual beam, and does not join them. This is the process for standard FE programs. Each default connection is treated as a rigid connection. You can turn off the support display in the ModelView to hide the purple circles.