Problem with conversion of mesh lines to beams

Dear Karamba 3D expersts,

I am having a hard time to get proper beams out of my mesh lines. Can you spot the reason why?
This is how it supposed to look like:

And this is what the model assembly component is outputting:

You can find my definition here: (40.7 KB)

Probably there is something wrong with the mesh topology. Do you have any hints or tips for tutorials on how to mesh and convert complex mesh models to proper FEM models? I only could make my models work with points and indices, but never with batches of lines.

Looking forward to your answers.

Thanks a lot.



do you have some special unit settings in your Karamba setup?
Mine shows the mesh the same as the input. Check the units, or the LDist in the LinetoBeam as well as the AssembleModel component.