Issue with curving a parametric facade along a curve

Hello, I am an architecture student working on an outdoor garden feature project and I am learning grasshopper for it. This is a portion I want to create a parametric facade structure but have it flow along or wrap around a curved ribbon surface and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. I will share my file and images so you can see the issue and what I am going for. The first image is of the example that I have been using so far, then my code, and what it looks like in Rhino.
Thanks in advance!
Monarch Junction Final.3dm (12.4 MB) Parametric (10.1 KB)

Have a try this way.

Parametric (47.3 KB)

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Brilliant!! Thank you so so much! I will be studying your code to grow my grasshopper knowledge!
I do have one other question. How might I warp the surface to give desired undulations of the ribs while keeping a flush inside edge? Currently if I edit the points on the surface it brings the whole assembly out but I want it to have a back. I am very very grateful for your help! Thank you once again!