HELP PLS ! Parametric facade

Hey, I am an architecture student and am working on a parametric facade project in grasshopper. I am attempting to create a facade that can have varied design output (e.g. the height, width, shape of facade fins.) I am trying to split the fins of the facade into individual controllable element so i can indiviually change their size and height but i cant figure out how to do this. i will attach an image of the desired design and my current script ! PLS HELP.

Final (10.0 KB)


There are many topics about similar projects already. Simply search for something like “louver” or “louvre”, and you’ll find tons of examples.

You can also check out @karls’ latest video on YouTube:

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Ha! It was her comment on the Facebook GH group that inspired that beginner tutorial!

What a coincidence! :smiley:

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