Problem with creating vertical wavy parametric skin

I’m trying to apply the concept of this facade on a curved surface

using this grasshopper (22.2 KB)
I get the desired result on a plane surface2 but when I tried the same definition on the curved surface it didn’t work properly I get horizontal stripes 1
how can I fix this problem
can anyone help me

Try to seach for louvre or louver. This has been answered a million times already. :slight_smile:

You didn’t internalize your Curve params so the model is useless.

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sorry I missed internalizing the curve
and here is the new file
thnx for (13.7 KB)

I tried many ways but i always get the same result on this surface

You missed another one:


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Something like this? (30.8 KB)


yes this is the desired result

thank you so much

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