Issue with bongo and vray 3.6 not saving channels


I’ve recently run to a problem while trying to animate with bongo and vray 3.6
It seems that the channels that only the rgb channel is saved for each frame despite the fact that I have picked others as well to help me with post processing.

Is this a know compatibility issue or just a bug that needs to be sorted?

I was in contact with the V-Ray for Rhino developers about a year ago and then they answered that they’re planing on making it possible in V-Ray Next, to save all the channels with the command -SaveRenderWindowAs which Bongo uses to save the frames.

@Peter.Chaushev - Might be able to give more info on this issue.

Hello, and apologies for the late reply. The described problem is resolved in V-Ray Next. As @marika_almgren mentioned the solution is related to the SaveRenderWindowAs being able to save all V-Ray render channels.

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Hello Marika,

Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for your input on that

Hey Peter,

When I purchased the software (version2+free update when version3 was out) full bongo compatibility was one of the features of vray. It doesn’t seem right to have to pay for a software upgrade for a feature that was supposed to be working when I first purchased the software. To be completely honest this fact makes me reluctant if anything else to follow up with the next version who knows what function will seize working with your next version and then I’ll be obliged to upgrade my licence again


Just to clarify. I really mean well with the above critique Peter, but guys you need to put things back working. Since vray 3 came out the workflow with rhino has been really hectic. Countless bugs, frequent crushes all of which generate because of vray according the the dump file analysis, features that were previously working can’t be used anymore, licencing and swarm issues and the list continues…
I’ve had vray2 for about 2 years and I only contacted support once. And with vray3 I am contacting you guys almost every week (thankfully support is still a strong point on chaosgroup) I think I literally know everyone in the support team :smiley:

Hello, Theo,

With the release of V-Ray Next, development on V-Ray 3 has ended. Due to this, we cannot offer a backward-compatible solution in the form of a v3 build.

Regarding the comparison with v2, be advised V-Ray for Rhino has been pretty much rewritten for v3 and v4 to ensure no legacy code can hold back its future development and to allow Rhino users to benefit from the same advancements and new features that our other flagship products receive. With changes of such scale we understand some new bugs were introduced and for this reason focused on improving stability with every update ever since.
In the case of SaveRenderWindowAs - it has been affected by 3 separate issues which have all been resolved. Only one of them, however, made it in v3.6, the rest were fixed in time for the v4.00.01 release.

That said, if you experience any other severe or recurring issues, please notify our Support team to forward your correspondence to me so I can look into them as well! Stumbling over various problems almost every week does sound uncommon and also very troubling.

Finally, if you wish to check whether the latest V-Ray for Rhino meets your standards I recommend downloading its trial version (its functionality is not limited in any way) or requesting an evaluation license by emailing

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