Bongo Animation integration with VRay Chaos Cloud Rendering


Our team is looking to use Rhino, Bongo, and VRay for animations. Specifically we are looking to set up complex animations leveraging Bongo animation tools and then render them with the VRay Chaos Cloud rendering service. So far we have been able to use the Chaos Cloud service for rendering still images from Rhino and simple camera path animations from Rhino. However Bongo does not seem to have compatibility with sending jobs to the VRay Chaos Cloud. It seems to only be capable of frame by frame batch rendering locally with VRay.

Is there any workaround for this or any planned way to communicate Bongo animations to the Vray Cloud? This would be a huge feature for us that we are hoping to find a solution to.

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Hello, Spencer,

Thank you for your question!
Bongo can render animations using V-Ray, however, it cannot export frame sequences as .vrscene files (used for scene transfer to Chaos Cloud)

The V-Ray for Rhino dev team is actively working on animation tool optimizations, mainly in V-Ray for Grasshopper. Although Bongo is not currently on focus, I’ve logged a request for assessment of possible solutions to exporting V-Ray data for Cloud rendering out of Bongo animations.
Will post again when there is any development to report. The current state of support for Bongo is listed in

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Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA Specialist

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I have been wanting this for years now!
David Buckley

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Rendering per Bongo without to wait for the slow communication between Rhino and V-Ray would be really great. Very missed here too.

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I have exact the same demand. I wonder will this be feature in the future?

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me too now my customers want more and more Vray for Rhino animations and I rely on Bongo for that
Right now it s brutal to render each frame one at a time using the cloud service.
Hope there ll be a nice integration between Bongo and Vray Cloud.