Issue saving Rhino file

Periodically, when trying to save my file, I receive the error message attached. As a workaround, I “save as” and type in a different file name. This is extremely annoying, does anyone know how to resolve this?

Are your files on a network? I have this systematically when I try to save files to our network. Nobody’s ever been able to figure out why, but it seems to have to do with permissions levels.


@JohnM, we should figure this out- is there anything users can do to test what is going on, do you think?


I am not on a network this is my home computer.

OK, ouch that is not good…

I had this happen using SprutCAM, it used a script to export the model from Rhino then run SprutCAM. They were using WSh.Exec (SCexe) to start SprutCAM and if anything went wrong like SprutCAM crashing I got that error message the next time I tried to save the model in Rhino. I rewrote the script to use WSh.Run (SCexe) and all the problems stopped.