BETA: "Failed To Save For Unknown Reason"

Upon saving a file, I get an error dialog that reads “Failed To Save For Unknown Reason”. In an attempt to save any work I attempted to export selected but same message. Every save attempt added a new .TMP file to the directory its located in. SaveAs also fails.

BETA 12/5/17

Last activity: Imported AutoCad solids into a new session of Rhino BETA and copy/pasted converted solids to the master model that will not save. Not sure if related.

Are you saving to a network location or a local one like your desktop? Also, do you see this with any new file as well or just some files in particular? It sounds like multiple sessions of the beta are open too… correct? Thanks for the report.

Hello - also, is the folder being monitored and synced by Google Drive, DropBox or similar?


I just had this happen on the 12/12 Beta. tmp files cluttering up the folder, local file. Trying to see how to extricate my data now…

I can’t copy and paste to a new file…I guess because the same problem is happening with the file being saved for the clipboard?
EDIT: I had to export to a non-Rhino format to get it out. Opened it in the Beta again and it seems to save now so far.

Network drive (office server). No internet drive.

@Brian_Jackson, do you know any details about the network server? Is it a Windows Server? Is it in your office or at a remote location? Do you login into Windows with a local profile (desktop is on the workstation you sit at) or with a roaming profile (desktop is on the server you are trying to save to)? Is the server running anti-virus software?

Does Rhino 5 have the same issue - saving in the very same manner?

As much details as you can provide may be helpful, as we will need to be able to repeat the problem here in order to make any changes.


– Dale

Well it hasn’t happened again so far, kind of unnerving…this was NOT to a network or synced folder.


I got the same message, but it was due to lack of space on hard drive. If you could allow rhino to detect if there is enough space on hdd, then it would clear some doubts.

Hi Jim,

Did you every get to the bottom of that error message?
Someone in the office just started getting it an hour ago. He can’t copy/paste into another document, nor export objects to a new file. He can save in a different instance of Rhino, but this one particular file that he’s been working on won’t save.

Autosave doesn’t seem to be working either, it’s only saving 100km tmp files.

Hard drive has plenty of space. We’ve tried saving to two different local drives. No networked or synced folders…

No it hasn’t happened again…I guess as I wrote I was only able to escape it by exporting to a NON-RHINO format.

OK, thanks!