Isolate causes Filter dialog to open

Found a small bug in isolate and the filter box.
Open a new file draw a sphere and a circle
Open the filter dialog box
Close the filter dialog box
Select an object and use the isolate command
Notice that the filter opens up even though it was closed
Now it will open every time in a session unless you have disable checked in the filter dialog box,

I like to leave my filter choices checked then close the dialog and not disable it. that way I can open it again and my choices are still checked. While closing the filter essentially disables it but leaves your choices I like that. Also it should not open on it’s own unless you use the sub-d commands.

Assuming you meant the SelectionFilter,
I can not repeat that.
In About, please copy/paste your version details.

I just tested it in:
(7.0.20225.23115, 8/12/2020)

Okay, I can repeat it now, but something in the SelectionFilter list must be unchecked. If nothing is filtered out, it does not reappear after closing.
Mine was floating, not docked.

Yep that too, thanks for digging in deeper and for logging.

RH-59977 is fixed in the latest WIP