Single Color Texture bug/wish

Hi there,

often i have multiple objects using the same material but require different base colors. To prevent that i have to create seperate materials for each object, i use the old Custom Material shader and define the Single Color Texture in the Color slot. Then i just need to enable the option “Use Object Color”. This is very handy and works as expected in Rhino 7 and 8, example:

CustomMaterial.3dm (836.3 KB)

I’ve found that this way to have seperate colors per object only works if the Single Color Texture is assigned to the first level of a Custom Material child slot. If eg. the material type is changed to a Physically Based the Single Color Texture is properly transfered to the Base Color slot, but it stops working. The object’s display color does not show up, neither in Rendered or Raytraced. Example:

PhysicallyBasedMaterial.3dm (803.9 KB)

as mentioned above, it seems that the Single Color Texture must be in the first level of the Custom Material slot to work. As soon as there is a deeper level of nesting, it fails to read out the assigned object’s display color. To demonstrate this, i’ve tried to make the object’s display color part of a 3D Checker Texture like this:

it results in this:

CustomMaterial_Level2.3dm (803.9 KB)

Can this be fixed in future releases ?


Hi Clement, I’ll test, thanks for the examples.

For starters, it looks like your first example fails in V8/WIP…


Hi @pascal, thanks for checking this out.

Hm, thats odd. I’ve just tried to recreate this in Rhino 8 and it seems to work. However, it took 30 seconds until i saw something when i switched from Shaded to Rendered display mode. After this, i can change the display color of the sphere and Rendered does show the object color.

CustomMaterial_RH8.3dm (375.5 KB)

When i try to open my first example file posted above (created with RH7) it seems that Rhino 8 just hangs for a minute. Then i can repeat what you see, it does not work as expected in Rhino 8 and displays all 3 spheres with green:

But why did it choose this display color from the 3 available ones ? Brainteaser ?


It uses the middle sphere’s color, here. Non-committal.

I see that it does work OK to the first level at least, if the whole thing is done in V8


Hi @Pascal, ok. Then we have 3 glitches / wishes:

  1. make it work with Physically Based material (slot level 1)
  2. make it work if applied to deeper levels / texture shaders
  3. make transfer files from Rhino 7 to Rhino 8 possible


4. make it work right when copying objects and changing the object colors… (I think this is really the same bug in your #3)

Bugs first:
RH-74876 Single color texture fails on physically based

RH-74877 Single color texture and copied objects

It looks like nesting does work in V8:


Hi @pascal, that’s good to know. Thanks for adding the other issues to the bugtracker.


RH-74877 and RH-74876 are fixed in the latest WIP