Is this a good laptop deal? 💻

ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 Workstation 4K IPS i7-9750H, T2000,32G RAM ​, 521 GB + 1TB SSD for $1600 (used)?

Purely from the spec/price/quality standpoint? Anything cheaper perhaps I can get with these specs or this is decent?

So you reaaaaallly want this laptop, don’t you? :smiley:
And just pray that the other guys are wrong…

Personally I would say GO BUY IT! If you are like me you will probably dream of and wonder if the pretty and petite Lenovo would be good enough, when you sit there with a gamer looking pc and feel out of place. But make sure you can return it if it doesn’t suit you. Lenovo has made laptops for decades so it won’t be terrible. And I know how stupidly in love we can fall with hardware as I have ran windows on macs for many years becouse they are smooth looking and great to use from a user point of view, they have wonderfully great screens, are silent and have a fantastic backlit keyboards. So I chose to live with a lower end gpus (odd isn’t it, me who obsess over gpus…) and an odd keyboard for windows use with a layout that makes jumping from workstation to laptop not as smooth as it should have been (mac and windows are not layed out totally the same). So now when I needed a new laptop with a RTX GPU I wanted an equally sleek laptop, and got a razer blade 15 and bought a sticker to cover the entire lid to get rid of the green gamer logo and have to live with partially lit keys on the backlit keyboard (All functions are unlit which is counter productive, but looks sleek) And I am happy while stupidly satisfying my aestetic “needs” while struggeling with effective typing in a dim lit room :smiley:
But that’s me, I like things that look good too much…


That answer just might have convinced me to go with the Blade 15. That was my original choice and only reason I decided on P1 was the 4K screen which I reallyyyyy prefer. But I would be buying Lenovo and probably Razer of ebay or Craigslist…so no warranties most likely.

I have a similar issue because I use both Windows on a PC and a Mac Laptop. My solution:

Use a Mac keyboard on the PC and use a Key remapper to have both Ctrl and Cmd on the keyboard be Ctrl in Windows. I don’t need the Windows key ever and that way I can always use the same gesture on Mac and Windows. I use SharpKeys for remapping keys on Windows.

Maybe it helps you.

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Thanks, now I am high on nvidia power, so I am afraid there is no going back, but the 750m On the laptop has served me very well Untill now and Rhino has scaled surpricely well to it too! (But I will miss the perfectly lit keyboard… :smile:)

Well, if you are like me I am sure you will be both pleased and displeased no matter what you choose, so good luck!