Hi, need some consultation with laptop buying

I’m looking to buy a secondary Machin, laptop, for having it with me when outside, vacation, coffeeshop etc…it should function well but I’m not expecting a stationary pc workstation.
Mostly i model jewelry, some Rhino basic render for sending sketches to clients, the most intense operations are Boolean commands.
Using Rhino 6 (for my RhinoGold 6 license), rhino 7 (lots of SubD’s) some Grasshoper.
And last but not least, I’m not interested of investing tons of cash here, the opposite; looking for a Bang for a back kind of a deal.
So started with AMD processors with Amd radeon DDR4 and found this piece:

"15.6 HP Laptop 15S-EQ1005NJ 29A02EA Ryzen 3 3250U
AMD Radeon Graphics DDR4

Price 520$ (in Israel) i can say that as for now that’s the lowest price i could find with relative ok specs new with manufacturer warranty.
what say u ?

That tiny SSD will be a pain, but that’s probably replaceable.
With RhinoGold, you will likely have very large models.
I’d replace it with a 500GB or 1TB.

Which AMD GPU is it?
If it’s the little integrated Radeon; and I suspect it is, the performance will be rather poor.

Tnx @John_Brock,
Yes the SSD can be larger.
About the integrated AMD Radeon GPU, i guess that a non integrated GPU will kick the price up,
will keep looking for that Bang for a back kind of a deal.

My experience is you’ll not find reasonable performance in a laptop until you are at about the $2k price level, and even then, you have to be careful about the specifics.

I picked up a Dell Alienware x14 several months ago with 16GB RAM, a 1 TB SSD, i7 CPU, and a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti with 4GB VRAM for $2k. It won’t run on battery very long but it runs Rhino V7 quite well.

Tnx @John_Brock
You are very right and i know that thers no magic way to get performance at a budget, but…
For my purposes im looking for a laptop just for taking care of a short urgent assignments only when i need to do away from my stationary workstation.
So I’m willing to lower my expectations when using that laptop, only get that fix or whatever needs to be done out of my way…
Anyway tnx for the tips :pray:

Hi, I would rather get a second hand Lenovo with a GTX 1650.
Try to get 16GB ram and a 512GB SSD.

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Hi @Holo Tnx for the tip i would certainly try searching for one…