$750 Rhino laptop

Hi gang,

I just wanted to share this deal with you. y410p

I needed a rhino-capable laptop to bring on trips and hook up to my monitor at home (our office is currently inside of the Airbnb offices, so my computer is not live-work anymore.) I saw this deal and pulled the trigger. I got it all set up this weekend and large models are spinning easily, even when the laptop is hooked to the 30" monitor.

I know there is a great deal of talk on these forums about super high-end custom machines or quadro-based “mobile workstations” but many of us just need a b-computer that can handle geometry and run Neon. This is it and it is a super deal.
Not a beautiful machine, kinda “gamey” with the red light keyboard but the build quality is pretty nice.

the one upgrade I am going to make is to replace the HDD with an SSD.

thats it, just sharing,


Yes, that Lenovo should work fine.
The inexpensive laptops to avoid are the Intel based versions with only the embedded Intel HD graphics. The HD 4000 (and newer) will work but are slow. Most will need driver updates to make them even run. The pre 4000s are truly awful for OpenGL.
The AMD processor laptops with the Radeon HD embedded graphics works surprisingly well. Again, not much speed but pretty reliable.

yeah, finding a laptop with a 755m (2gb) graphics card for under 1k seems like coup to me.

Nice machine but…
Hard Drive:1TB 5400 RPM, not even 7200.
This is going to be real bottleneck. Check if you can have SSD disc. Worth spending extra money.

@Piotr I can’t help but feel you did not read my whole post.

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