Hi all need some quick advice regarding a purchase of a Laptop

Hi will this be ok to run rhino 6 and be useable?
i7 6700HQ
GTX 950m 2gb
12gb ddr4
1tb ssd

Hi I have been offered a great deal on a laptop

It’s only a good deal if we know the price. That graphics card is outdated currently and the Ram is a bit low to current standards. However, if the price is good then it could be worth it.

Hi it is used and only £250 so its worth that just as a normal user machine but would change ram to 16GB and it will be used as entry level Rhino use not full time if you know what I mean.
budget is tight ( under 400 Uk ) for a used machine unless anyone knows of another spec that works well

Thank you for your reply it is appreciated.

Seems fine for that price.

Hi yes deff a great price and far cheaper than ebay etc - my other one is a gtx 960 4gb at £400 with same processor and 8gb ddr4 but can add more ram - also a 8 thread i7 4th gen with a gtx 850m 2gb nv ram
thank you for your Reply

As long as you know that the 950 has 25% fewer quda cores than the 960, so rendering will be slower IF you use render apps that support quda. The CPU can still do a good job, but is of course not up to speed with newer systems, BUT when cash is king, top speed is not :slight_smile: So it will be fully usable.
You could invest in a used GTX 1060 though, and still stay well within budget.
Ram wise I would only spend more money on that system IF you need more ram, and you only need more ram if you run out. (adding more ram does not make a system faster unless it is being used )

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