Is there any way to avoid Rhino asking me to save a blank project after I click on a recent project to open?

@Nikolay here TestDocModified returns true in Rhino 7, when Vray is set as current renderer.

- D:\BuildAgent\work\commercial\src4\rhino4\Plug-ins\RDK\RDK\RhRdkDocumentImpl.cpp (line 1726)

Not sure if this is something you can fix at your end or if it is something we need to do at our end.

In Rhino 8 however, this doesn’t happen here.

I tried to fix that many times over the years, and after each fix, something changes in Rhino and it is broken again. For some versions it works, and for others - it doesn’t.

When opening a document, Rhino does its modifications, and at some point during the opening process it clears the modification flag. We also modify the document (loading defaults). When OnOpenDocument() is called we set the modification flag to FALSE. That is probably not a good idea, but it used to work.

I’ll see what can I do to not set (and reset) the modification flag at all, so Rhino maintains it all the time