Is there a way to divide a surface by control points / "lines"?

For example, I’d like to create a “grid/mesh” of control points on a surface, move some things around, and then split or divide the surface using the control points and “lines” connecting them. I am planning to use this for a few things like walls, doors/windows, irregular curtain walls, etc. or a “cutting tool” to boolean with other objects, as shown here.

I could swear I saw some kind of split or divide command that does this but can’t find it now.

You can split single surfaces by isocurve.


But if you’re wanting to make an editable pattern for splitting it might be easier to just use lines.



You could ExtractIsocurve at the points along the surface edges, then use those curves to split the surface…

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if it’s a simple planar surface you can use this macro:
! _ExtractControlPolygon _pause _Unweld 0 _Enter _MeshtoNurb _sellast _Enter _SelPrev _delete

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Dear @Turner

In case you would like to choose some of the available ISO’s instead of extracting the all network, the command _CurveThroughSrfControlPt may be useful.
When the rows of Cp’s are linear, you get straight lines than can then be used as Split Objects or what ever operation is wanted.

Rodolfo Santos

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Hi cairn - thanks - I experimented with this… just to be clear, extracting the isocurves is a manual process, correct?

It only seems to allow me to create isocurves manually.

Wow, thanks - that did it, but I have no clue what some of this stuff does… yet. I have some homework to do on Macros.


Remember that control points are only on the surface if the surface is planar. If the surface is curved most or all of the control points except for the corner points will be off the surface.

Isocurves are always on the surface. The lines between control points are generally not isocurves unless the surface is planar.

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Thanks David - in this case, I’m considering strictly planar surfaces.

At least, for now :wink: