General Wish List

if Fin could extrude across connected surfaces

if Split (IsoCurve) could extract IsoCurve on closed surfaces (just like ExtractIsoCurve can)

if Bridge worked on Rhino geo (esp in pairs at once)

*Edit: since it is more of a wish list now, why not bevel also :smile:

for the last one you can use ExtrudeSrf and make them all at once

rgt, that was just a simplified task.
feature would work more like a bridge command w diff surface orientations, etc

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maybe a script using dupborder and Loft later but I don’t see the use of this since it would need several imputs from the user. I think almost the same as doing it manually with those tools.

WIP 7 Bridge command is actually almost perfect. just need functionality extended to rhino objects

Are you asking for Split to duplicate the functionality of ExtractIsoCurve? If so why?

yes. (when IsoCurve option is used)

  1. eliminates drawing cutting lines, planes etc
  2. multiple splits in one session

No cutting lines or planes need to be drawn to split along isocurves when the Isocurve option is selected.

An object can be split multiple times with isocurves during a single execution of the command. Start the Split command, select the object, select Isocurve option, position cursor to location of first split and left click (do not right click or enter), move cursor to location of second split and left click. Enter to complete the command. You can toggle between U and V isocurves during execution of Split.

rgt! that doesn’t work on closed surfaces (like the pipe, capped in the eg)

maybe adding the Isocurve option to the SplitFace command which allows you to split a surface without exploding the object. but is just a guess.

_ExtractIsoCurve can handle closed surfaces so I’m just wondering
why not expose that to _Split (IsoCurve) ; )

SplitFace is designed for planar faces.

Split only works on individual surfaces, not polysurfaces. The Isocurve option only works on one surface at a time. The surface can be open or closed.

The capped pipe in you illustration is a polysurface, not a single surface. The isocurve option in Split only works with single surfaces. Explode the polysurface or ExtractSrf to remove the desired surface from the polysurface. Then Split the single surface as desired.

rgt! I’m aware of the limitation, hence the ‘wish list’ :wink:

So why the need for you wish? How would split using the isocurve option work on a polysurface with each isocurve only occuring on a single surface.

so, _Split works w previously extracted isocurve on a closed polysurface (image).
so, my wish is why not combine the two (functionality is already there)

#1 hopefully ‘Persistent Guides’ will be included in V7
#2 similarly it would be nice to have ‘Perspective Lines’ (as a toggle)