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Can a person split a surface by selecting 2 points on oposing surface edges , or any place chosen? I am familiar with the “U” and “V” direction . Sometimes a person just wants to hack things up to see how it will look . In some cases I want to build a fillet in a complicated juction and yes, there is probably a true correct way, but just want to get it done to move on in an idea . For me splitting in a way that gives more freedom . Perhaps not along either isocurve direction is where I’m going with this. If it is available , the kind people here might already know. Thanks

try using the command _InterpCrvOnSrf

or maybe _Sketch •On Surface…

make the curve to your liking then split or trim with it.


Also, ShortPath is a good one for this, if you only know two points at the edges.


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Shortpath was a great solution to that splitting question . Thanks and hope tour doing well