Is there a viewer available for Rhino 6 files?

(Other Bruce) #1

I’m new to Rhino. The practice here is to poop out PDFs for every released drawing so the boss’ can print them whenever they need to. In my previous life we just told people to download viewing software,… my search came up empty. Does such a thing exist?
Thanks in advance!

(John Brock) #2

There is an iOS viewer tool called iRhino3d, but no Mac or Windows separate viewer.
Most people use the Rhino eval. Even after it expires it runs. It just can’t Save or Export.
And it’s free.


You could use SimLab 3d exporter for rhino to embed 3d in your pdfs… there is several other solutions to make 3d pdf

(Other Bruce) #4

Eval doubles as a viewer - that’ll work!

? is the print function still live after it expires? They may on occasion need to poop out a print for a client…

(John Brock) #5

Yes. You can print from an expired eval.
Expiring removes the ability to Save/Export and load most plug-ins.