Sharing rhino file with client, need free OSX/Mac viewer?

Looking for a free Rhino file viewer for Mac osx.
so client can open and view files with textures/colors.
or any other solution?

This might work:

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somewhat worried about privacy, ideally its a program, not a cloud based service.

The only other suggestion I have is a Rhino evaluation.
If they use the license file “Locked” to the one computer, even after it expires it will still work as a viewer, but I has the full Rhino tool interface.

You could try SimLab Composer, the full download will act as a free viewer after the trial expires and should be able to open Rhino files (the full version does, so I assume the free version will also open/import Rhino files for viewing). It is available for Windows and Mac

Alternatively you could use 3D PDF, I do that a lot for clients and the advantage is they don’t have to install another viewer but can use Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF editing software that supports 3D PDF’s such as the full Adobe Acrobat or PDF-Xchange.

SimLab has a Rhino plugin to create 3D PDF’s