New users can't post images or more than two links


(Brian James) #1

If you’re new to Discourse, you may run into an inability to post images or multiple links in your first few posts. This is how discourse works and it’s meant to prevent misuse of the system. In short, reading posts will give you basic user access when posting.

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(Steve Baer) #2

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So… what sort of settings do we have? How many posts do we need to read or post before we can post images?

(Steve Baer) #4

Here is the document on trust levels


Thanks. I see I cannot just say “thanks.” I have to make the post 20 characters long. That should do it.

(Steve Baer) #6

This is no longer the case. I adjusted the settings so new users can post images and more than two links. The minimum character count is now also 6. I’m unpinning this topic.

(Arkadius Belov) #7

Sure, i understand the rules, but since we were moved from the grasshopper forum [i had helped a few people there and made posts], there could have been someway to transfer ‘trust’