Is it possible to keep dimension style/units the same when exporting to a .dwg or .dxf?

I just started working with a client that needs everything delivered as a .dwg or .dxf file but they are very specific about the dimension units (2D units that show dimensions on the drawing, no issues with scaling in the model) where they need it to show feet and inches. I have everything set in Rhino to display ft’in" when I place dimensions into the model, but when I export the 2D lines with the ft’in" dimensions, the file opens up displaying the dimensions as decimal inches. Everything else in the file is the exact same with no issues, no scaling problems, but I cannot seem to find a way to get the dimension units to display as ft’in" after exporting/saving as a .dwg or .dxf. They would prefer .dwg, but are willing to accept the other format if the dimensions can be displayed correctly, however I can’t get it to keep the same units for either.

I’ve spent the past few days looking online and trying every different wording I can think of, but have not been able to find any solutions to this.

Is there any way it is possible to export so the file shows exactly what I have built in Rhino?