Exporting dimensions to .dwg - false units

Hello everyone,

Since Rhino 7, I have the problem, that my dimensions are always being exported to .dwg with the format of the model unit, although I have annotation styles where I changed the length unit formats from “Model units - decimal” to “Centimeters - decimal”.

For Example:

Document Properties → Model units → Units → Meters

Annotation Style “m”: Length Units: Units Formats: Model units - decimal (works always in .dwg export → appears as Meters)

Annotation Style “cm”: Length Units: Units Formats: Centimeters - decimal (doesn’t work in .dwg export → appears as Meters instead of Centimeters)

What is the solution, to keep the Units formats in the exported dwg file as in Rhino?

Hi Kemal - I see this, thanks.
it appears to be fixed in the V8 WIP.