"unitless" DWG files

Files that I export(and hundreds of files I have that others export) in DWG don’t have anything in them saying what the units are. What’s the reason for that? Is there anything that can be done about it?

Hi Jim

Afaik DWG and DXF do not have a way to set units…


Huh am I missing something here??

AutoCAD DWG/DXF files that are set to “Decimal” units are in fact, unitless. The correct units only exist between the ears of the user.

When Rhino see these files, Rhino assumes default units of millimeters.
If you know the decimal file is supposed to be inches, then start a new file in Rhino and use an Inches template, then INSERT the DWG/DXF instead of opening it. Then you’ll get what you expect. in Rhino.

Interesting…this bizarre limitation of DWG files is becoming an almost daily nuisance, every time I send an American a DWG they’re baffled that the units are mismatched, and somewhat helpless to fix it themselves, we get feedback that looks like they tried to scale things freehand. Does AutoCAD not have a simple process for dealing with this on imported files??

Yes, it has -