Unit problem when exporting DWG


I am having problems when exporting to DWG.
Everything in my rhino file is setup to meters.

But the dwg files i create in rhino always get setup to millimeters when i open them in autocad.
The result is that i have to manually open each exported file in autocad and manually change units to meters.

Is there a fix to this ?


Hi Raouf,

Rhino has a very complete list of unit types that select for your model.
AutoCAD has units: Architectural, Decimal, Engineering, Fractional and Scientific.
Decimal is unitless while the Architectural format assumes inches is the base unit.
Because of these difference, you will have less work, if you model in mm in Rhino.

This FAQ article is written for the feet to inch issue.
You can apply it to the meter to mm issue that you are experiencing.

Mary Ann Fugier
Robert McNeel and Associates



thanks for your answer.
But iā€™m afraid it does not solve the problem. I have already tried it and wether the units setup the exported DWG will always be in millimeters when opened in autocad.

Wich is not possible when working with diffeent contractants and companies that require dwg files in meters.


what kind of Autodesk product do you use for DWG opening?


We use autocad