Is it possible to have objects when selected not have the highlighting that signifies an object is selected?

There are certain times when I would prefer for a selected object not to become highlighted, this is for when I want better visualization when I am for example positioning one object on top of another as in when using the Orient on surface command. I find the highlighting distracting, I know I can change the color for selected objects in preferences, but I am wondering if there is any way to have no color?


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You can change the highlight-selection color in the preferences dialog. I’m not sure, but if it were possible to select a color and change its transparency to 100%, you have what you want.

It is quite important, @Flubber thanks for brining this up.
both selection options shaded or just edges+isocurves highlight makes ON-Srf operation much more difficult.

in Blender for example I noticed they just highlight the border which seems like a simple good solution.

I hope this would be considered.

with thanks

Hi Flubber - I agree, there are several cases where highlighting gets in the way - this is on the pile, I do not know what the chances are for V6 though.



I like this. I’ve had moments were this could have been useful. I was thinking it could be like one of the tabs in the bottom next to Ortho etc, but then I thought that if it’s a too easy function to enable a lot of (new) users might get confused by this, when they accidentally press it.

For now you can try this:

Thanks for all the replies, and

Thank you for creating that script Jareck it solves the problem for me, much appreciated!

sounds great,
Is there maybe a .py version of this script…? [for the Mac’is]

with thanks

Looks like @clement came up with a slightly different way to handle this, and in python…so it should work on Mac:

thanks for the link Jarek.
and thanks you @clement for the .py script.

One [perhaps tricky] limitation, is that it works great on single surfaces, but not on Polysurfaces when running commands like InterpCrvOnSrf .
I suppose a way around is to extract the relevant surface…?

with thanks

Hi @Akash, yes. _InterpCrvOnSrf allows to select a subsurface of a polysurface. The script works on objects, it does not know about subobjects.


Thank you so much for all the replies and that scrip Jarek! it does the job.

Here is a small plugin that can help you turn selection highlighting on or off:

HighlightToggle.rhp (40.5 KB) (Rhinocommon 6.0.18016.23451)
Source: (4.6 MB)

Thanks, nice hack