Is anyone willing to give some feedback to a beginner?

Hello, I tried a first project- recreating my mouse. I’m running into several issues and wondering if anyone would be so kind as to give me a few pointers.

1.Curves on the surface of the top of my mouse got wonky. How do you avoid these sharp edges? I was having some issues lofting. I built the surface in pieces using Surface from 3 or 4 curves.

  1. When I projected my curve onto this surface to create the split in the top between black and grey, the curve got weird and crooked no matter what I tried.

3.How to you close open polysurfaces in order to create solids? I have gone in and tried to clean up naked edges and tried different combos of exploding and joining and boolean unions.
MyMouseRedo.3dm (4.0 MB)

  1. I also wanted to play around with adding plastic thickness to each piece. was trying to Shell Closed surface but running into trouble I believe since they are open.
    I’ve attached my file.
    Thank you to anyone willing to help!

Hi Mary - That is a fairly ambitious first project - and not bad at all from what I can see. You’ll want to work on getting surfaces at least tangent and more liklely on this design, curvature continuous to get rid of this stuff:


Probably the construction can be simplifed as well. Have a look at the chapters on topology and curve and surface continuity here:


Thank you! I will look into this over the weekend.

Hi Mary,

We always recommend to new users here in the newsgroup, and new employees at our company to learn the basics of clean surface modeling from Dr. @sgreenawalt:

I hope this helps,



I second Gustavo’s suggestion to watch @sgreenawalt Primary Surfacing series on YouTube, it is fantastic. I wish I’d seen them when I started surface modelling.

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3rd for Sky’s series… it’s must watch for any new (or old for that matter) modeler. It’s probably the best tutorial series out there if you want to model “right”