Getting Started - a video

If you missed the Getting Started webinar, watch the video

We recorded the webinar for those of you that missed it.

Kyle Houchens presented:
Get Started Modeling with Rhino.


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I just wanted to say, this man did a great job at explaining Rhino in a basic way. His teaching method is easy to follow and can expect many to learn from this. This type of teaching is the type that allows people to use these rules and expand and design on their own rather than just becoming copying-drones. I really enjoyed this!

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Thanks for the kind words- I really enjoy doing this stuff and thank Bob and his awesome group (Super Mary Fugier and Scott Davidson in particular) for giving me the opportunity- There are several more of these to come!! Here is a link to the page where they will all be archived-

Happy rhinoing-


Superb tutorial as always, congratulations !

wat is gumball?
sorry i m new to 3d design

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Always fun to watch Kyle’s tutorials. Every time I learn something new even watching again something I have allready watched in the past year or more. The trick with the split model to avoid the strangely appeared ‘naked edges’ was cool!

In this video, I can see that the handles of the fillet tool are dragged continously. When I try it (Rhino 6), the handle can only be dragged stepwise (R = 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and so on). What do I miss?

I think you have grid snap (or other osnap) on…

great videos.
if possible can u guide me about follow along surface command.

Are you referring to flow along surface command?

have you used the help? type the command, hit enter, then hit F1- it’ll bring up the help for that and all other command in rhino-



When I create the revolve, it doesnt update afterwards when i edit the original polyline used to create it.
Any ideas?

edit: nevermind, i missed the part about using the record history and mine was disabled for some reason. working now, thanks!

Hi how can i get a file *.jpg Enter the app where the map is on and draw it with the 2D tool?

Hi - if I understand the question correctly, you can get a bitmap to show in a viewport by using the Picture command or by drag-and-dropping a picture from explorer onto a viewport.

I did. But the picture is not visible

but i can not see anything in the picture .

Hi - please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and post the result here. Also, please attach the image that you are trying to get into Rhino.

thank you my graphic card hat problem

that photo want ich for rhino 2D training use

Hi - that picture goes into Rhino without problems on my end. Again, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and post the result here.

please i have a proplem and I dont know how to solve it when i import some fbx file format its import but like if you explode the elament not in the same place please if you have any thing that can help me in this