Need help finishing a project

Is there anyone out there interested in helping me finish a project. I’ve run into a few problems that are beyond my knowledge and skills and am under a tight deadline.

Hi Don,

This is a rather vauge request - Happy to help if I can, as long as it can be performed in less than 4 hours.

hello i have some spare time as such am happy to help if i am able - the only problem might be i only have Rhino 4 and 5 have expired on me


What Kind of Project? Cam you Place a Screenshot?

I know it’s vague. Seems like it should be simple. The first part is to add a flat surface to a curved surface while keeping the flat surface truly flat. The second part it to join two surface edges at 90 degrees. When I use the join edge command it creates a bulge


Ok Don,

Send the file - or the portion of the file that is giving you trouble. There are several here who can give it a go.