iRhino WIP Available

We have released the new major update of iRhino to the App Store. I want to thank everyone here for the help to track down bugs and test out features so we can get this app out to the public.

Our plan is to release updates on a regular basis just like we do for the desktop version of Rhino. We know there are still plenty of bugs to fix in the product and could use your help to find and fix them. As more metal based display features are implemented in Mac Rhino you should see these features show up in iRhino updates as well.

Thanks again!


thank you very much for the updated iRhino version, this might be an important step, to work with clients, directly with Rhino files. Unfortunately some of my Rhino7 files crash if opened in IRhino. But these came from the same source. I would be a nice addon if one could open .step files, if this is not restricted by paying fees for you.

Best Jan

It would be great if you could send me a file that crashes for you. If I can repeat the crash, I should be able to fix it and get a new build of iRhino published.


First time posting so if there is a better place for any of the below, please let me know :grinning:

Firstly this app is great and I love the sense of coherence that seems to be coming from McNeel with Rhino 8 and I especially the work being done with Metal.

I work in a small Interior Design studio and our entire workflow happens in Rhino, from conception to design development, visualisation and documentation.

We struggle with showing our clients models in a way that effectively communicates space and proportion and I think this will be an invaluable tool. I also love that there is a markup feature. We are trying to reduce our paper waste and marking up direct to layouts will help a lot. Marking up on PDFs (and physical copies) Is our standard but we waste hours in exporting and file management. I exported a drawing set yesterday (40pages, one third of the total doc set) and it took 15min. It might be our PC settings but either way, markups in file will be a huge time saver.

I do have some thoughts that I think will help our workflow and maybe others.


  • can you add the option to turn off or customise the pencil double tap?
    • Zoom Extents resets the target/camera which makes navigating large models hard. ( our extents are often large as we have multiple options / floors sit next to each other on z=0.
    • I have to reopen the model to centre the camera into the model again and with larger files (600mb) this takes a couple minutes.
  • Can you implement a set target or set camera button for when you’re in pan / orbit or move / look?
  • Is it possible to set the gestures>mode toggle as a model space level toggle? It would be nice to quickly toggle between orbit and look.
  • Is it possible to set a _walkabout option?(is this re-skinned as move/look in iRhino).
  • Move/look could benefit from a better control scheme
    • This could work like the “Polycam” (or equivalent) joystick
      • Joystick to move the camera
      • Slider for elevation
      • Pencil for looking around.


  • The current markup design feels like it has been designed with 3D (understandably) in mind.
  • Would it be possible to introduce a markup mode for layouts that is similar to Preview/Markup on the Mac or Freeform on iPad?
    • Currently
      it feels like each markup is a different layer/view/layer state combination on the page.
    • This is jarring when marking up a layout as you can’t zoom or pan without previous markups turning off
    • Being able to pan and zoom while retaining all markups in view would be much more helpful.

Thanks for reading, and again, the app is great and a fantastic compliment to Rhino 3D. I’m very excited to fold this into our workflow.




Thanks for the detailed feedback and explaining your workflow @stuart.crake
I think as we gather more feedback about how people use iRhino3D we can figure out what general purpose solution we can come up with to benefit most workflows.
For example I think a better general solution for your Zoom Extents problem would be to implement Zoom Region or Zoom Selected rather than introducing new UI to override double tap gesture.
I have thought about panning and zooming while in markup mode, it sounds like a useful option if we can limit it to parallel projections.

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I’ve played with iRhino on and off for a few years, its finally getting the attention and development it has needed, well done McNeel team, and keep pushing with this lovely little app, I am finally going to start using this powerful little tool as part of professional presentations and in house discussions on project development


hi, I have installed the WIP but every file including the sample files within the app crash. large ipad pro IOS 15.5

You need to update to iOS 16. The version you installed is very old as the new iRhino only runs on iOS 16 and above.

Yes done that….16.2….works fine now…thanks

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Hi. Please add in settings toggle for Show/Hide axes (green and red lines) . We have for hiding grid but axes no.

Great suggestion, filed it here:

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It would be great to see iRhino for Android. Too many apps are developed only for Apple. Let us know if there is an Android version coming soon. The future is about being open and not closed towards digital communication and collaboration.


Just download iRhino and am super impressed with the options and speed. Saving me some valuable time marking up changes while on my phone traveling!!

Request: can you add text tool to the markup feature? My handwriting isn’t professional looking.


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I’m reworking the whole markup feature and I’ll add your suggestion to the wishlist.

Is a .step import in the plans? Couldn’t find any request regarding it.

Thanks a lot,