How to enable AR in iRhino

How do I enable the AR mode? I can’t find a button for it!

(In fact, I can’t see buttons for section views either, which apparently should be in the app somewhere?)

Tap the button in the top left and change the display mode from “Shaded” to “Rendered - AR”

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Oh, that’s an odd place for that feature. So what happens if I’m in Top view and enable AR shading? Is it still locked to the top view regardless of how I move the camera?

Also, I tried it now and the scale was completely wrong and the model ended up floating about a half meter above the table I was pointing at.

Finally, the framerate using Rendered - AR was about 1-2 fps, which definitely could be improved, because the iPad Pro I have is apparently quite powerful.

If you’re using the latest version on Appstore (iRhino3D v8.0.23058) you should be able to choose between a few modes of anchoring your model in AR.
The default mode is not tracking a table, it puts the model at a point mid air about .5 meters away from your camera.
You can switch the AR mode to “Horizontal Surface” or “Vertical Surface” to anchor the model to a surface. You’d have the opportunity to lock the model’s position to a point on the surface

Re:Scale, we’re not doing anything to determine the relative size of the model in space right now. But that’ll be a good feature for us to add.

That is terribly low but of course it could depend on the model and device you’re using, I get very fast frame rate with the models I’ve tried. If you can share the model you’re having issues with, I’d be happy to take a look.

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Hi @mkarimi
Was trying the Vertical surface mode, and it may work well if the iPad was on a tripod… but hand held here, the model keeps getting spasms trying to lock into surfaces… [ iPad Pro M2].

would this possibly have something to do with the model being small [a piece of jewellery] and the distance setting being in meters …?

perhaps if we had a way to set the distance manually, or perhaps if it could take the model units in consideration ? It just sound to me as if there’s a meter unit super imposed on a small millimeter model.

thanks a lot

@Akash you need to tap the “Lock Position” button to anchor the model to a point on the surface.

It should work the same regardless of the model dimensions. You can adjust the scale by pinching in or out.

Hi @mkarimi thank you.
The lock works for stabilizing the model, thanks for the explanation.

I guess my main wish with the AR mode, is to have control over the camera.
The current setting it would seems, is tuned for architecture models, while for me [working in jewellery] the AR mode would be a great way to have customers virtually ware the jewellery!
Allowing them the virtual experience equivalent to coming to the studio and trying on the physical jewellery!

For this we’d need a way to put the jewellery on a surface [be it the body of the customer, or even just the let is rest on the table.
At the moment [as far as I was able to test the mode] the model is always floating in space. it is not resting on anything…
Do you think this is achievable ?

thanks a lot

Yes please! :coffee:

You should be able to anchor the model on a table using “Horizontal Surface” AR mode.
I have to research a bit to see if what you’re suggesting for anchoring the model to customer’s body is even possible and if so, what the accuracy is like.

I logged your feature request here:

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