Import of other file formats in iRhino

It would be nice to add the display of other formats, as before, in my company we have several Rhino 7 licenses and we need to view .3dm and .dxf files even if it is a premium add it does not matter, but if irhino is able to read and view as many formats as a couple of versions does why limit it only to .3dm It would be great if it supported at least the same formats compatible with rhino 7.

iRhino will support opening other file formats in the near future.

Did you work out if it will be an Apple subscription, included with rhino license (login required), or free to open other file formats?

Not yet; we’ve been focused entirely on getting this set of older iPad and iPhone devices to not crash. Now that this seems to be fixed we can refocus on adding features.

but the reading of other formats was a function that was in previous versions of iRhino WIP, we really miss this function…

The latest version of iRhino available on the App Store now supports opening of file formats other than 3dm. This version supports

  • dwg, dxf, gltf, gts, iges, lwo, usd, usdz, off, ply, points, raw, slc, stl, vrml, wamit, x

This version also supports saving of 3dm files so you can use this to read a different file format and then save it as a 3dm file.


Hi @stevebaer ,
look a great update, will check it out.

What about STP files?
are they planned as well?

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I would like it to support ifc format too.
Thank you

added to the wishlist at

added to the wishlist at


Hello @stevebaer,
can you add support .cdw format?

I don’t think the Kompas-3d file format is published anywhere and after a quick search it doesn’t look like there are any toolkits available for reading that format that we could use. I could be wrong as I know very little about that application. Maybe you could ask them if their file format is publicly available as they are more likely to respond to their customers than me.