Bongo freezes when using Key Frame Editor

Hi everyone, Bongo keeps freezing up when we use the Key Frame Editor. As soon as we are adjusting the “Object transforms window” and slide the timeline when this window is still open everything freezes and starts to use a huge amount of internal memory. Might this be a bug?

Nothing of the kind here. Are you using the latest version?

Yes I am, release 14-11-2014

OK. Maybe your model is extremely complex, or corrupt. Please upload the file so I can have a look and see whether the same freezing accours om my system.

Hello Luc,

See the attached file. The file was bigger, but I took out as much data as possible. It seems to work better, but still after 5-10 minutes it freezes up again. Rhino does not find any corrupt data in the model. The computer I am using has 32GB of internal memory, but when it freezes up I noticed that Rhino all of a sudden uses 25% of this memory space. This only happens when we make a 2d file out of a 3d model. With other types of processes Rhino uses 10-15% max.

FileExampleThatBongoFreezesUp.3dm (16.4 MB)

It mostly happens when I change a parameter in regards to position (for example rotate -45 instead of -15). When the window is still open or let’s say in use Bongo tends to freeze up as soon as the time line is shifted. I need to be able to do so in order to adjust the path of movement perfectly.

I can not produce freezing nor excessive memory-use on my system - so I guess your model is sound. Hopefully someone of the Bongoteam can help you out - @marika_almgren is on leave.

Hi Luc, thanks for helping out. At least now we know the file itself is fine. What I have found out along the way is this: when I save the file frequently, say after every 3-4 movements or rotations the problem is much less. Instead of freezing up every few minutes now it is fine for over an hour at the time.

Additionally…a system update had changed the energy settings (!!!) and because of that the performance dropped.