Big problem - no keyframes shown at the time line (Rhino 8 and Bongo 2)


I can’t edit my current animation anymore. I use Rhino 8 and Bongo 2. Also I can’t open the keyframe editor. How can I get back the red keyframe marks at the timeline?

Also if start with a fresh empty scene: I add a simple object, enable animation and move the object. If I move the slider than I see the animated movement, but no keyframes at the time line.

Please help.


After a while the keyframe editor opened now but there are no parameter shown.

Now I have found that deactivating → activating the timeline brings back the red markers. Now only the problem with the keyframe editor remains. I get no access to the parameter anymore.

You’re fast! The issue is open here. A lot of the UI tools Bongo relies on in Rhino have changed over the last version and something must have broken. We’ll hopefully have it sorted soon

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So, my client needs to wait. I hope it can be fixed soon. Good luck. :wink:

Hopefully we can get the fix into the first service release

Hi Micha -

Or, you can use Rhino 7…

No, unfortunately it’s a big complex scene with V-Ray 6 setup and I afraid, if I jump back to Rhino 7 and VfR5 I could get problems with the version backward jump. I want to keep Rhino7|VfR5. But if nothing helps I will go back, right.

I found a workaround. I copy the object from a Rhino 8 task to a Rhino 7 task (per Ctrl-C) and delete them at R8. At R7 I setup the animation. And later I copy the animated objects back to R8 (per Ctrl-V). During the paste operation I will be ask to keep or overwrite the V-Ray materials. So, I can keep the V-Ray setup without any change. Quick and easy workaround. :slight_smile:

But still don’t dawdle with the fix just yet. :wink:

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Please don’t forget to fix it. At SR2 it’s not working.

I haven’t. In the meantime if you undock the timeline and resize it the timeline should start updating properly and the keyframes appear. I think with the UI work on Rhino 8 something behind the scenes broke this.

The big problem is the missing parameters in the keyframe editor. I made the mistake of using Rhino 8 for production work thinking it was final, but now such an essential problem is not solved?

Most Bongo UI bugs will be fixed in Rhino 8.3.
Please let me know if you’d like to test the latest fixes, I can send you a download link.

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there is still an UI bug - all this Bongo object properties are not shown at Rhino 8.4.24009.13521, only at Rhino 7.


Rhino 7

Rhino 8

Indeed. Micha is right. In SR3 and candidate SR4 Bongo’s 2.0 Object Properties are blanco. Docked or undocked.
SR2 was fine.

This seems to be a problem in Rhino 8.3 with other plug-ins as well, not just Bongo.
This UI problem has been worked on during the last week and I have the latest Rhino 8 from this morning installed, with the latest fixes, and the Bongo UI shows up in that build.

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Hi Marika, rhino_en-us_8.3.24009.15001 is still giving me this issue.
Is your working version the latest available for download?

Many thanks,

The build I was testing is the version that will become Rhino 8.5, perhaps this fix will make it into 8.4, lets see. If you’d like to try it I can send you a link to the build tomorrow. There was still some small UI fixes I wanted in before I share the build.

That’s ok, I reverted to an earlier build for now,
I can wait for the better version.

Thank you!

No, at rhino_en-us_8.4.24016.19001 it’s still not working. I don’t understand why missing parts of the UI are not immediately fixed. How should the user work, if parts of the UI are missing? Same problem for the V-Ray plugin.