Small Bug?: Seeing...PINK?!?!

Not sure what’s going on here, but I’m getting “pink” isocurves that I can’t get rid of in this file. These pink curves show up regardless of whether the objects are Shown (selected or not) or Hidden. I did not test all display modes, but same results in wireframe, shaded, and rendered. This looks almost like some kind of Parent / Child relationship, but I’m not aware of this being the case.

Copying and pasting objects into a new file fixes the issue, as does quitting Rhino and reopening the file.

Objects are from a Solidworks file. Originally they were blocks that were exploded then joined. File is included if troubleshooting is desired (even though it will likely open fine, as it also does for me when reopening). ~Dave

Hidden objects:

Shown and Selected objects: (1.8 MB)

An update for y’inz… Got the same issue on some other geometry after I grouped a number of closed polysurfaces and applied a material to them.

Anybody else ever run into this, or am I the only one looking at Rhino through rose colored glasses? :wink: