intersectPLANE command in rhino 5 mac?

i cant find this command in rhino 5 mac , which is mentioned in a trainingvideo made on rhino 6 windows i belief… where to find if to find at all please?!/


There is no IntersectPlane command. Maybe you are thinking about InfinitePlane? Only in V6 and later.

Or maybe CutPlane? That is found under the surface menu or toolbar along with the other rectangular plane surfaces.

you mean not in rhino 5 or in general not for mac?

its about intersacting object with the cplane

i am working on a 2012 macbook pro with sierra as it is quite smooth with the hardware…

Hello - IntersectPane is not part of Rhino, it is a RhinoScript - it will not work on Mac Rhino, but InfinitePlane is available on Mac Rhino 7 - you can use that in a similar way - see


oohhh, there are scrips as well… didnt know . thx

so no infinite plane for rhino 5 mac anyway?/


mmh .–.

but rhino 6 for mac?

InfinitePlane is in V6 for Mac, yes.


nope !?/

any workarounds or why do you think it is. got rhino mac 6.3…

Hi -

I really hope that you mean Rhino 6.34.

Please see the help page that Pascal linked to earlier in this thread.

The InfinitePlane option can be used with any command that asks for an object including:

InfinitePlane is not a command that you can run on its own. You need to be inside one of the commands that is listed on that page to use this function.

yes i found, great, thanks!!