Surfaces Will No Split

In the attached file I have two surfaces. I want to split the red with the purple. When I execute SPLIT rhino tells me they they do not intersect.

If i do an intersect with RED and PURPLE I get a set of curves. I CAN split the red with the resulting curves.

I have 423 of these to do so I would be useful to get split to work here.

Problems Split.3dm (7.4 MB)

Works here without making any modifications.

Rhino for Mac Version 6 (6.20.19295.15382, 2019-10-22)


Success for me:

  • Select all Curves
  • Delete curves OR send them to another layer (and hide or lock it)
  • try again.
    (what a BIG ship!)

Worked for me the second time I tried in Rhino for Windows Version 6 SR20 (6.20.19295.13421, 10/22/2019)

This might be a thing fixed in Rhino 6 then.