InfinitePlane does not work - IPlane works

InfinitePlane is not recognized as a stand-alone command. IPlane is recognized as a stand-alone command.

Help index list the command name as InfinitePlane. Help implies that the command name is InfinitePlane with IPlane as an alternative for the command which creates an object. Either InfinitePlane on the command line as a stand-alone command should be recognized - or - InfinitePlane and IPlane should be documented as two separate commands.


Is that not what you see?


Yes, that is what I see as shown in the image capture in my first post. Nice message but annoying when it breaks the flow or work. Hence my request to have Help provide accurate information. IPlane is the name for the stand-alone command.

@Pascal IPlane executes as a stand-alone command and allows creation of a plane. But not an “infinite” plane. This is misleading.

IPlane and create a plane (without any other command active.) A new plane is created.

Intersect and select the new plane and another object which do not intersect but the second object intersects the extension of the new plane. The result is null. The plane created by IPlane is not infinite.

It appears that IPlane should not execute as a stand-alone command. The same message should appear as when InfinitePlane is typed. Help should be modified.

Seems to me IPlane behavior should be combined into or with CutPlane.