Wish: New types of 3d objects

  1. Infinite planar surface. Similar to the one in GH
  2. Infinite line. Similar to GH vector.

These object should have the ability to be intersected and trimmed. The result being trimmed surfaces and finite lines, if trimmed by enough number of objects to make them finite.

Hello - try the InfinitePlane (type ‘IP’) command and the Line option in Trim’=.


Hi Pascal,

Can you give me the link of this object in the API?

The only thing closer to this is within the Rhino.Geometry.Intersection namespace

I believe what I need is similar to the ground plane:

Any idea what this was derived from?

I think I found it

PlaneSurface.CreateThroughBox(plane, bbox)


Uhm, @pascal,

Just tried the command you suggested:
There’s no “Line” option, where can I define the size that’s visible?


Can I make it selectable but un-draggable, unmovable?

Hello - I’m not sure if I understand your comments… but the Line option is in the Trim command. IPlane displays large enough to cut through the scene.


If I simply start the command and pick one of the world planes, the command ends with nothing drawn,

_SellAll results in - No objects added to selection.

Hello - InfinitePlane is only useful inside a command that is asking for a selection and a plane would be a reasonable thing to select - Trim, Split, Boolean*, Intersect… and so on. It is a temporary thing. Does that make sense with what you’re seeing?


No it makes sense to be independent object. Back to my original post. This should be new type.

Working in opposite way, Instead it being drawn to intersect something. My wish is to be infinite planar surface that needs to be intersected with objects in order to create trimmed planar surface. if not enough objects are selected to make it finite it should return false and fail the command.