Interface nuisance

This has been an ongoing issue - the creation and naming of new layers.

can you elaborate with a few words what the problem is? everything works as expected afaics.

When a new layer is created I expect the default name “Layer 0x” to be highlighted and ready to be renamed without having to make additional clicks on the name in order to change it to what’s desired.

which version are you running? it works here with the latest version 7.1

I recall the problem having gone away, or at least I think it did. In any case I’m using 7

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not sure i understand, does it work now or not? also better remove that screen shot, if you dont want your email to be published.

The app is up to date and the problem exists.

ic, it might be a bug depending on the system. meanwhile for somebody to look you could save your SystemInfo with the command SystemInfo and upload it as txt.

I’ll generate a report. There’s also an issue with customizing command menus - it’s not working except for the one pop up option. The images show the dimmed options and the difference tween what’s set up and what’s displayed.

(on a side note - the upload option to search for file doesn’t work either)

I have to drag the file into the text box.

SysInfo.txt (5.6 KB)

This is what the commands pref interface looks like -

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After placing additional item in the standard menu pallet

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None of the items shows up. That includes a complete restart to see if they showed up afterwards.

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The only pallet I can customize in the pop up which is getting a bit long.
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