A small request - labling layers function


When creating a new layer it shows up highlighted with some ‘layer (#)’ name assigned. Because it’s highlighted I automatically begin typing in a name I want to use and then… I find the command menu showing up on my main window. Then of course I must back up and double click to get into the titling function on the new layer. Why cant a new layer created be ready for a title the first time round instead of requiring the additonal clicking?

(Dan Belcher) #2

I’m afraid I don’t follow this request. When I click the + button in the Layers panel, I can immediately start typing a new name.


Here’s a vid. When I click to make a new layer the name is highlighted but typing takes me to the command dialog box

(Dan Belcher) #4

Thanks for the video. That’s really odd. That’s certainly not what I’m seeing. I have tested this with both Command options in sidebar and Command options dialogs, with the same result. Can you please run ExportPreferences and send along your .plist file?