A small request - labling layers function



When creating a new layer it shows up highlighted with some ‘layer (#)’ name assigned. Because it’s highlighted I automatically begin typing in a name I want to use and then… I find the command menu showing up on my main window. Then of course I must back up and double click to get into the titling function on the new layer. Why cant a new layer created be ready for a title the first time round instead of requiring the additonal clicking?

(Dan Belcher) #2

I’m afraid I don’t follow this request. When I click the + button in the Layers panel, I can immediately start typing a new name.


Here’s a vid. When I click to make a new layer the name is highlighted but typing takes me to the command dialog box

(Dan Belcher) #4

Thanks for the video. That’s really odd. That’s certainly not what I’m seeing. I have tested this with both Command options in sidebar and Command options dialogs, with the same result. Can you please run ExportPreferences and send along your .plist file?


Hi Dan!
Better late than never.JAMES KAYTEN.plist (343.2 KB)

(Dan Belcher) #6

Thanks @JKayten-

Do you still see this behavior in the latest RhinoWIP or is this a Rhino 5 for Mac issue only?


I’m running version 5.5.3(Mac)

I didn’t know there was a 6 out.

(Dan Belcher) #8

It is not available for purchase yet, but rather in the Work-In-Progress WIP stage. If you have a license of Rhino 5 for Mac, you can access the RhinoWIP for V6.