Menu Problem - help

I deleted the app and every file supporting it to do a clean install in the hopes a problem be solved. However, now as I’m trying to put my interface back together I’m stopped. Maybe (probably) I’m missing something siimple but still as you can see from the screen shots the logic seems to be lacking.

Basically after choosing to customize I get an interface where the the only apparent option is denied.

Have you used Rhino with the default configuration and determined if the unintended duplicates occur with the default configuration?

I’m in that process now after having deleted every support doc and the app. Now however I’m unable to create my own menus.

Also strange is the “previous files” still shows those opened. And the mesh setting on the zebra analysis was not reset.

I think 5.1 has a problem in it right now (the problem you’re seeing).

you can use the latest WIP to customize this part. the .plist between WIP and official release are shared so any settings you do in the WIP will apply to Rhinoceros as well

Well, that’s a relief sorta, but I think the WIP gave me issues with the logitec mouse.